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Three Steps Forward, Three Steps Back

 We’ve been stranded for days at sea, surviving on raw fish we speared with a stick whittled from a piece of deck railing…Jackson may have salmonella…losing his will to live minute by minute…

Just kidding..we needed some comedy relief!

We left the marina this morning at 10:45 after the mechanic bled the fuel system.  We were sure the cause of the air in the lines was due to a loose filter cap and after bleeding we idled for an hour before heading out.

Jackson looking for options

Three miles later…we lost power…the same exact way…Neverland just slowed then stopped.  Another tow back to the marina.

Not our favorite view

Bill, our wonderful mechanic, came down right away and began looking over other possible reasons for loss of fuel.  Then he found it.  We have been running the entire time off of the starboard fuel tank..none from the port tank…the valve was off to that side and the fuel gauge is only looking at that tank, which showed almost full.  So, essentially, we ran out of diesel…and it sucked air into the lines.  When he primed the fuel lines earlier in the morning, we had just enough to get us out 3 miles before it ran out.

SO…the fuel tank situation is fixed.  We idled here at the marina (which is very nice, by the way) for over an hour this evening and all went well.

Bill, the diesel guru, listening to the sweet sound of a Lehman 120

Our plans are to head out in the morning around 7:00.  There really isn’t any way to describe how nervous we are..fingers crossed that we can have a day without needing to get TowBoat US involved.  🙂

A beautiful sunset tonight at the marina