LIVE Webcam

The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

 Good evening family and friends!

We launched this morning around 9:30.  The guys with the lift are really interesting to watch as they haul the boat to the lift site.

All systems go!  Neverland started right up and we did a quick check on the transmission before heading out to make sure the repairs were good.  We left Cedar Island at around 9:45 and the boat is so much smoother without all that rope around the prop!

The ocean was a little choppy, as winds were out of the south west.  It’s incredible how much less vibration is in the boat.  The engine was definitely working easier to keep us up to our top speed of 6 knots.

Beautiful down Long Island Sound…until we lost power.  We came to a stop and the diesel
just let didn’t want to start again.  After doing some preliminary checks, our only option was to call Tow Boat and ttake a tow into a marina to see what is going on.

The mechanics won’t be able to look until first thing in the morning, so for the night we are enjoying the cold rain at a beautiful marina.  Hoping for the best, and that it’s just a clogged filter.  We’ll keep you posted!