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Connecticut Set Us Free

 Hello friends and family!  We got an early start this morning, grabbing some fuel for our new reserve starboard fuel tank and leaving the marina at 7:15 am.  Nervous is the best way to describe the morning as we headed West down Long Island Sound.

Slowly, the hours passed and we began to gain some confidence that the issue with the fuel was resolved.

It was a beautiful day in the water, however we had a 4 foot following sea as we neared Bridgeport, which essentially feels like Neverland is surfing waves.

After 9 hours, the New York City skyline came into view.

We worked out way back to a small marina that we lucked up on in New Rochelle, passing under a drawbridge to get to the dock.

We met a real character at the dock who insisted on showing us the charts for tomorrow, offered to grill us some burgers, and drove us into town for supplies.  Thanks, Mike!

Tonight it’s some navigation work for tomorrow under a beautiful sunset.