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Faked Out

Hi friends and family! Got an early start today and it paid off! Woke at 4:45 am and pulled up anchor at 5:25 am. We hit the Atlantic when she was in a very good mood, nice and calm..and even glassy when we got to Fishers Island.

We put in a lot of miles today, but were planning on going a lot further. At noon we received a weather bulletin for possible storms in Long Island Sound in the afternoon. Rather than try to deal with that, we ducked in to a marina in Clinton, CT for the afternoon. Turns out…no weather at all…which cost us quite a bit of cruising time. We made the most of it. We filled up our water tank, did some laundry and got some real food at a nice restaurant.
We both need sleep very badly, so an early evening is in store. We are planning on an early wake up and plan to get as many miles tomorrow as we can. We’ll see how far we get!